School Plan

Please see our School Plan 2020-2021 belwo. School community input is valued and important to us.  If you have any feedback or suggestions please contact 


To improve student reading skills.  Students will learn to use reading strategies while reading a variety of texts.  The focus is to improve basic reading skills in Primary (Grades 1-3) and improve non-fiction reading skills in Intermediate (Grades 4-7).


We have many primary students who are below grade level in reading decoding and/or comprehension. Intermediate teachers also see reading as an area of need when working with non-fiction text. Increasing the reading skills of all our students will lead to academic improvement in many subject areas.  Students who are successful in reading feel better about themselves as students/learners. Students need to learn both decoding and comprehension strategies to be successful readers. Research also shows that early intervention is critical to prevent later reading difficulties. For this reason, we are also focusing on developing pre-reading skills at the Kindergarten level and Early Intervention for Grade ones (which includes both the Reading Recovery Program and Learning Assistance Support). Our Primary students also have a home reading program.


Family involvement in children’s learning is vital to student success.  We welcome family input and provide ideas to support reading at home in our Newsletters.