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Sports Day at Lyndhurst

Lyndhurst’s Sports Day is coming up soon on Friday, May 19th. This year’s theme is Disney and we have 3 teams: The Red Incredibles, The Blue Smurfs and The Green Kermits.

A notice has already been sent home with details for our upcoming Sports Day. If you need a new copy of this notice, please click here. A hot lunch order form was also attached to our Sports Day notice. If you would like to order a hot lunch for your child for Sports Day and you need a new form, please click here.

Parents and guests are welcome to attend Lyndhurt’s Sports Day and cheer on our 3 teams. We look forward to seeing both parents and guests at this fun school-wide event.

Reminder: There will be an early dismissal on May 19th @ 12:15 p.m.